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Mr. Sid is the premier destination for the well-dressed man featuring an experienced staff, full tailor shop, and an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest men’s brands.  Stop in to discover our wide selection of off-the-rack suits and jackets, sportswear, and shoes, or discover all that we can offer in made-to-measure suits, jackets, dress shirts, shoes, and even sweaters and pants, all made just for you.  A visit to Mr. Sid is more than a shopping excursion, it’s time spent with trusted style advisors.  Mr. Sid is a place to sink into a comfortable seat, sip on a cocktail, and engage in conversation.  We’re not out to sell you a suit, we’re here to help you feel great about how you look.  The best fit, the best experience, the best of everything… that is what you can expect from Mr. Sid.

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